Elevate ABA Therapy Practice with ACCEL

Intuitive, Flexible, Audit-Proof Data Collection and Health Records Platform

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Intuitive, flexible programming and data analysis.

Accel is designed with simplicity in mind. Just with a 3-minute video tutorial, supervisors will start writing programs and creating custom data collection forms. Analyze data with graphs and progress summary. Review notes that summarize clients’ response to intervention.

Optimized for mobile data collection. 

Therapists can take a whole range of data –correct/incorrect, prompt level, task analysis, ABC data, interval recording, celeration, or you name it- right on their fingertips. Imagine collecting data, reviewing programs and data, and writing session notes anywhere, anytime. Your work should not be disrupted by “technology glitches”. This mobile app works seamlessly without internet connection.

Protect yourself from insurance aduit

without scarifying your time on clients. Accel’s session note templates capture quantitative and qualitative data and allow you to create comprehensive session notes in less than 3 minutes. Stay compliant and audit-proof.







HIPAA compliant

Unlimited # of clients

Custom session note templates

Video tutorial & support tickets

Create, modify programs

Customize data sheets

Analyze graphs, edit data

Progress summary

Mobile data collection

Autogenerate session notes

Offline Mode

2GB data per user


Q & A

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